SFC (ret) Favia Briefs German General

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favia-presents-gift-german-gen-oct2016-adjustedOn October 26th 2016, SFC (ret) Thomas Favia (USMLM 1989-1991) gave a briefing on the work and history of the USMLM to German Gen Lt., (Lieutenant General), Eberhard Zorn. General Zorn is one of the highest ranking Officers in the German Ministry of Defense, (Führung Streitkräfte im Bundesministerium der Verteidigung). The General had been invited to give a briefing on the current changes taking place in the German Army and Tom had also been invited by the German Command of Saarland to brief on the Mission. The briefing took place in Stennweiler, Saarland Germany in the Club House of the Reservist Camaraderie and was attended by over 40 representatives from the German Reservist and Active duty command of Saarland.  At the conclusion of the briefing, Tom presented General Zorn with a memento – a framed USMLM crest, license plate and letter from the association president. 


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