News for upcoming USMLM Conference & Reunion Event in Potsdam & Berlin

Hello Everyone, quick note to update folks on the upcoming USMLM Conference & Reunion Event scheduled to take place in Potsdam & Berlin this coming 20-22 June 2019.  

Your USMLM Association staff, Dr. Steve Hoyt,  President, who is living and working in Germany with Univ of Maryland; myself, Jason Moses, VP, a 1989-1995 unit alum from the last two years, and follow-on units, living and working in the Washington DC area; and Vicki Luther, a 1986-1994 alum, living and working in Berlin & Miami is working the background logistics to make this event happen!

We hope to have the on-line Registration Form up and running by 8 March on the unit web page.  So far, via informal e-mail and phone conversations Steve, Vicki, and I have a rough list of about 40-“yes” and another 20-“maybe” attendees.  The rough headcount, between USMLM, BRIXMIS, & FMLM that we are expecting is about 100.

Steve has done a ton of work over the past six months since his new UMUC teaching tour in Kaiserslautern/Ramstein, traveling up to Berlin and Potsdam, and coordinating with various Museum staffs, secured the venue in Potsdam (Thurs, 20 June, Conference), the Wunsdorf GSFG Bunker Tour (Fri, 21 June Optional Tour), and the Reunion event / picnic three doors down from the Potsdam House (Sat, 22 June).

I will post again next week after Stephen has the Registration Form up and running, and after Steve, Vicki, and I have a chance to “test” it, and workout any kinks we might have.  That said, this is Social Media, so use the Comments Section below for questions and/or Comments.  And yes, the event is Open to all USMLM, BRIXMIS, & FMLM Alumni.

Also, while this might be a day drive for our wonderful Allied Partners, Steve & I both realize this is a big trip from the ‘States, and for our more senior USMLM members, this might be too far, given family plans that week, and / or health issues.  Which is why, I am working here in the Washington DC area to schedule a follow-on event during Oct or Nov 2020 (date TBD) to commemorate the folding of the USMLM flag on 1 October 1990, as well as bring Mission members to the Washington area to see the brand new National Museum of the United States Army, which is being finished right now in Ft Belvoir, off Route 1 & the Fairfax County Parkway in Springfield, VA.  

Steve, Vicki, Stephen, & I are also getting tremendous help from our Senior Key Leaders who are helping with the Conference Planning, Guest Speakers, etc, so Big Thanks to Greg Govan, Kevin Ryan, Larry Kelly, Mark Beto, and many others!!  While some of them, but not all will make it to Berlin & Potsdam, we hope to see the rest of our illustrious alumni during the Fall of 2020 here in Washington.

And finally, for those who are planning the trip to Europe this June, don’t forget that the Normandy Region is celebrating the 75th Anniversary of D-Day this June (6-9 June); and Berlin & Frankfurt are celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the end of the Berlin Air Lift, with historic aircraft at both Frankfurt and a Berlin regional airport.  

Warm Regards from Northern VA,


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