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  • Group of Soviet Forces in Germany : Order of Battle
    Sovetskiye voyska v Germanii, 1945-1994 [Soviet Troops in Germany 1945-1994], Lutz Freundt, Molodaya gvardiya Publishing House, 1994, pp 15-22. Copyrighted. Reprinted with permission.

    With special thanks to Bill Burhans and L. G. Kelley for their research and contributions.
  • Maps of East Germany (DDR) – pre-1989.
  • Cold War Legacy Resource Management Program, Public Law  No. 101-511, §8120.



  • Resurrection Day by Thomas G. Wyckoff, 13 Oct 2015.  Via  America Star Books.  “The author does an amazing job at combining biblical history with futuristic fiction.”
  • Pendulum by Randy Jones, 2013.  Via Amazon.Com, Kindle and Nook.  Cold War Novel, historical fiction based on actual events leading up to the signing of the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.
  • Passage Prohibited: behind the Iron Curtain by John Fahey, 12 August 2013. Via Amazon.Com.  Fahey’s first hand accounts of intelligence activities in the Soviet Zone of Germany during the Cold War.
  • Crisis in Berlin: “SOLDIER, why are you in Berlin?”, VFW, By Stephen L. Bowman. Includes USMLM despatches during the erecting of the Berlin Wall.
  • Alliierte Militärmissionen in Deutschland, 1946-1990, Mußgnug, Dorothee, Berlin: Duncker und Humblot, 2001. ISBN 3-428-10403-X, Signatur: 68 C 1738. (Zeitgeschichtliche Forschungen, Band 9), in German, Price: DM78.00. 247 pages, incl. extensive notes, a bibliography (mostly German-language, some English-language sources), name index, and an appendix with the texts of the Robertson-Malinin, Noiret-Malinin, and Huebner-Malinin Agreements. The author is a professional historian. Recommended by Col. (ret)  Kelley.
  • Military liaisons between Nato and the Warsaw Pact: An Agenda for the Future, by John A. Fahey and Philip S. Gillette, Johns Hopkins University Foreign Policy Institute, Dec 8, 1988, reprinted on this site with permission.
  • Cold War Intelligence: The United states Military Liaison Mission in East Germany, 1947-90. A 1994 M.A. thesis by Timothy Alan Seman of American University. It is available through UMI Dissertation Services, Ann Arbor, MI. Includes extensive bibliography. Go to and just enter order number 1376129. $29.95. (Contributed by Col. (ret) Kelley)
  • US-Soviet Military Liaison in Germany Since 1947. A 1976 Ph.D. thesis written by Paul George Skowronek (CUSMLM, 1963-67) for the University of Colorado. Available through Xerox University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, MI. (Contributed by Col. (ret) Kelley)
  • Recovery, by Steven L. Thompson, Warner Books, 1980, ISBN 0-446-51207-9
  • Potsdam Protocol, by Al Clovis, RIP, former Air Team Operations Officer, (Out of print ~ may be able to find a copy. Enter title of book at menu below.)
  • Escapee-hunt With “Gamma-cannon” – Stasi X-ray All Transit Vehicles, Hamburger Abendblatt, 6 September 1990 [Translated into English from the original in German].
  • Stasi : The Untold Story of East German Secret Police — John O. Koehler, Jack Koehler; Hardcover/Softcover, March 1999, ISBN: 0813334098. An excellent, well researched book by a seasoned correspondent. Authoritive revelations about the Stasi.
  • Soviet attempt to shut down or restrict USMLM and other Missions in East Germany and Berlin, Washington, April 6, 1962, FOREIGN RELATIONS OF THE UNITED STATES 1961-1963 Volume V, Soviet Union, DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, DC. (Contributed by Douglass Mc Dowall)
  • East German attacks against USMLM Potsdam house, Telegram From the Mission in Berlin to the Department of State/1/ Berlin, June 21, 1965, FOREIGN RELATIONS OF THE UNITED STATES 1964-1968 Volume XV, Germany and Berlin, DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, DC. (Contributed by Douglass Mc Dowall)
  • Traitors Among Us : Inside the Spy Catchers World by Stuart A. Herrington, July 1999 Presidio Pr; ISBN: 0891416773. Book has an interesting section on the Nicholson shooting. The author relied on a great deal of personal experience and material acquired through FOIA. (Thanks Bob!)
  • Cold War Legacy Resource Management Program, Public Law No. 101-511, §8120.
  • E.Germany Used Nuclear Tags on Dissidents, Reuters, Jan 3, 2001. The Stasi developed an airgun that could fire tags made of small pieces of silver wire into car tires.
  • A Cold Night in Erfurt, by Wolfgang Preisler. The Soviet shootdown of a USAF T-39 trainer aircraft in 1964 and the USMLM effort to locate and recover the crew remains.
  • Berlin Wall Flower, Barbara Fahey, 2000. A non-fiction account of some of the author’s experiences on both sides of the Berlin Wall, often facing difficult predicaments in a besieged West Berlin with humor and wisdom. It contains chapters on the USMLM Potsdam House, Queen’s Birthday Ball in Berlin, and The Baron, and nineteen photographs. An enjoyable read. See more at Barbara’s web site
  • Licensed to Spy: With the Top Secret Military Liaison Mission in East Germany, Dr. John A. Fahey, Naval Institute Press; ISBN: 1557502943, available in local book stores beginning on April 22, 2002 or order now from The author’s web page is at
    • Editorial Review: John Fahey’s firsthand account of his activities as a U.S. naval officer in East Germany during the Cold War is a must read for everyone who enjoys true-life spy stories. An astonishing tale of overt reconnaissance, high-speed car chases, shootings, and detentions, the book chronicles Fahey’s two years in the midst of twenty-two divisions of Soviet troops behind the Iron Curtain. As a member of a military liaison mission established in a little-known 1947 agreement between U.S. and Soviet forces, the author was legally permitted to perform surveillance in East Germany and took advantage of the opportunity to conduct dangerous intelligence missions.
  • Potsdam Mission: Memoir of a U.S. Army Intelligence Officer in Communist East Germany (Paperback), by James R. Holbrook. Jim was a USMLM officer from 1976-1977. See his website about the book at


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