The USMLM was just one of three Allied missions operating in East Germany. Our British and French allies (and our Soviet counterparts) shared in these Cold War experiences and times. Please pay our comrades a visit at their websites, below:


The British Commanders’-in-Chief Mission (BRIXMIS) to the Soviet Forces in Germany (GSFG) was set up on 16 September 1946 under the Robertson-Malinin Agreement between the chiefs of staff of the British and Soviet forces in occupied Germany.


Dans l’immédiat après guerre, en 1946-1947, trois accords bilatéraux sont passés entre le commandement soviétique et chacun des trois commandements des forces américaines, britanniques et françaises occupant l’Allemagne. Ces accords visaient à échanger sur la base de la stricte réciprocité des missions militaires de liaison auprès de chaque commandant en chef.




In addition, please find the following resources about the other Military Liaison Missions and our joint operations in the Cold War:


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