USMLM Association Charter

Version 7, August 2013

USMLM patchThe United States Military Liaison Mission (USMLM) Association is a veterans’ organization established for the enjoyment of its members in their pursuit of preserving and studying the history of the United States Military Liaison Mission, a distinguished US military unit established in 1947 and deactivated on 1 Oct 1990, in Potsdam, East Germany.

The Association hosts a biennial reunion; publishes a quarterly newsletter; interacts with British, French, and Russian counterpart organizations; conducts or directs research of Cold War era events involving the USMLM; provides materials to educational institutions on the study of Cold War events; records and archives living history of former members of the USMLM; organizes member participation in an annual memorial at Arlington National Cemetery in honor of Arthur D. Nicholson, LTC, USA.

Members are defined as military and civilian personnel assigned to the USMLM as well as family and friends of the USMLM. The Association and its instruments outlined in this charter are not affiliated with the US Government or any of its agencies. The USMLM Association elects a board to manage its affairs and maintain the website and other resources between meetings of the association. 

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