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The United States Military Liaison Mission was established 7 April 1947 following the signing of the US-Soviet Huebner-Malinin Agreement of March 1947.  The Mission, which operated until its deactivation on 1 October 1990, included military and civilian personnel from the Department of Defense, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.  Its headquarters was in West Berlin with its East German offices in nearby Potsdam.

Officially, USMLM’s mission was to serve as liaison between the American Commander of US Army Europe and the Soviet Commander of Group of Soviet Forces (later Western Group of Forces), but it also served other purposes.  The Mission played a significant intelligence gathering role during the Cold War, monitoring Soviet forces and reporting on their readiness. The Mission sometimes served as the only channel for US-Soviet communications when diplomatic relations were at their lowest.


About the USMLM Association Today

After the deactivation of USMLM, the former members of the Mission decided to form an association in order to maintain social contacts and to provide a forum for sharing stories and recollections of service in the Mission.

Today, the association’s website is the primary venue for association members to chronicle their stories and maintain contact with one another and with allied mission members from France and United Kingdom.  The association accepts as members former members of USMLM as well as their family members and selected supporters.  To become a member and gain access to the association’s full suite of information, visit the members’ page.

President:   Dr. Stephen Hoyt 

Vice President: Jason Moses

Treasurer: John Reuter 

Membership Coordinator:  Vicki Luther

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