Invitation for USMLM Veterans to Visit Potsdam on Margins of Nicholson Ceremony

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Potsdam House 2

In conjunction with the 22 March ceremony in Ludwigslust honoring Maj “Nick” Nicholson (and ADC Philippe Mariotti), one of the current residents of a dwelling on Am Lehnitzsee in Neufahrland (the short road to the Potsdam House) has invited the USMLM attendees to visit him. The visit would occur in the afternoon of 21 March (the Saturday immediately prior to the Nicholson Ceremony on 22 March).  Details are still being firmed up but, the invitation will likely involve either an evening meal or Kaffee/Kuchen.  Attendees could view the former Potsdam House from the outside during the visit.  (Whether its current owner will allow direct access remains to be seen.)

The individual issuing the invitation, Mr. Sven Slazenger, is the owner of an IT firm that provides digital support to the film studios in Babelsberg, with offices in the US and elsewhere. He grew up in West Germany, lived for a couple of years in Vienna, VA, and has US relatives. Sometime after Reunification, Slazenger bought and renovated his residence on Am Lehnitzsee 3, a few yards down the road from the Potsdam House. Sven speaks fluent English and has extended similar invitations in the recent past. The members who have visited him to date have spoken highly of him.

Request that all USMLM veterans desiring to avail themselves of this opportunity contact COL Kelley ( ) at their earliest convenience, providing their tentative schedules on the afternoon/evening of 21 March. The deadline for response is 15 February, coinciding with the deadline for RSVP-ing for the Ludwigslust ceremony itself.

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