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Welcome to the United States Military Liaison Mission Association website.  The United States Military Liaison Mission (USMLM) has been called the most successful and productive intelligence collection organization of the Cold War era.  Established following the second world war, USMLM and its members performed a dual mission: liaison between the US and Soviet military forces in a divided Germany and intelligence monitoring of Soviet forces in East Germany.  Today, with many of the Mission’s operations and reports declassified, the Association’s website provides a place for members to share stories and chronicle both the mundane and heroic efforts of the Mission’s members.

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Nicholson Commemoration at Ludwigslust Shooting Site is Well Attended

Group salute at Nicholson Memorial 23Mar2014A ceremony was conducted 23 March 2014 at the memorial established by the people of Ludwigslust  in memory of LTC “Nick” Nicholson, killed by a Soviet sentry near Ludwigslust, East Germany March 24, 1985.  The ceremony was organized by retired Army SFC Thomas Favia (USMLM 89-91) with special help from LTC Helge Stahn of the German Reserve Forces.


Read synopsis of official report on 1985 shooting of LTC Nicholson

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Commander John Fahey, Naval Member, May 1960 to June 1962 

John FaheyOn the night of Wednesday, November 22, 1961 Army train 349, packed with U.S. military personnel and dependents, departed West Berlin for a brief Thanksgiving holiday in West Germany.  En route through the Soviet zone when the train slowed rounding a bend, a young East German jumped to a window at the side of the train and boarded the train.  What happened next was the story of many people who attempted to escape from behind the iron curtain.


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